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Worcester Union Station

Worcester, Massachusetts

BY 1990, Worcester's historic Union Station was a ruin, and was formally designated for demolition by the City Council. In 1991, Phil Loheed's studio at the Boston Architectural College studied the role of Union Station in, and the urban design issues of, downtown Worcester - with a view towards creating a dialogue to save the building.


Those studies led to a series of urban design articles sponsored by the Worcester Business Journal, the founding of the Union Station Alliance, and the creation of Union Station Partnership (USP). The result has been the complete reconstruction of the historic structure as a new multi-modal transportation center.


Originally developed as part of the WBJ series, the proposal for Union Station has been expanded and detailed duing the multi-year effort to redevelop the station. Its extensive scope, taking advantage of the unutilized public lands in Washington Square, parts of Worcester Center Boulevard and the commuter rail extension from Boston, creates a new and truly welcoming entrance into downtown.  An expanded notion of public/private partnership is proposed to maximize interaction between the project and a wide variety of investors in the community.



mixed-use/urban design

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