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September 23, 2016


Greater Grove Hall Main Streets (GGHMS) honored Phil Loheed by recognizing him for his significant contribution to the economic vitality of the Greater Grove Hall Community. The award ceremony took place yesterday September 22, 2016 and was hosted at Franklin Park Zoo's Tropical Rain Forest, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.


Phil Loheed is also the president of non-profit organization, Earthos Institute. In creating the 501c3 non profit with Sarah Howard, he placed deep faith in intergenerational partnerships to address contemporary problems—including sustainability, social justice, and creating wealth via equity in the “Neighborhood of the Future”.


Phil Loheed, lately with Earthos and DP+, has been involved in many projects with friends in Grove Hall over the last thirty years, sometimes working with his wife Pat Loheed, FASLA. Over the last ten years or so, he has been instrumental in assisting Grove Hall Main Streets with branding and related graphics; with the Roxbury Memory Trail project led by GHNDC; in studies and restoration work at the gates of Zoo New England; and in a variety of proposed projects along Geneva Avenue and at Prince Hall. Currently, Earthos is creating the Indigo Innovation Group with FABLabs for America—to advance its FABCity360 project and the U-STEAM Innovation Center along the evolving Indigo Cultural Corridor, and in Grove Hall itself.


As a design architect and equity Partner of AIA Gold Medalist Benjamin Thompson, and in his own practice, Phil Loheed is known for his award winning architectural, urban and master plan designs for a wide variety of waterfront, campus, housing, and commercial projects worldwide. He has taught ecological design since 1972, building on his training in terrain analysis at Harvard GSD’s Department of Landscape Architecture.

Today, as Phil sits working in the studio, and asked about his continued commitment to the development of the community, he thoughtfully pauses as he looks at the award in his hands, and responds, "Several years ago, I proposed the slogan that Grove Hall is 'the Ideal Neighborhood of the Future', and I am very gratified to see that people are picking up on that idea in the community and making it so.  Strongly."


He continues, "What makes it ideal in my mind is the multi-ethnic character of the community combined with just the human warmth of the people who live there."


Ed Gaskin, Executive Director of Grove Hall Main Streets writes:


Earthos was recognized by Greater Grove Hall Main Streets for their long and continuous contributions to the Greater Grove Hall community. Starting with the design of the streetscapes almost 35 years ago.


People often ask me, what "can I do?" as often they don't live in or near the neighborhood, are the wrong color and don't seem to have relevant skills. Pat, Phil and Sarah have found a way to make a contribution. From using their design skills, to helping with fundraising to encouraging and participating in the community process. It all makes a difference and it all adds up." We work in three main areas, economic development e.g. helping existing businesses grow, helping to attract the right businesses to the business district, urban design and community building.


Where I believe they make the largest contribution is in a community that is told what they can expect and when they can expect it, to help them see what is possible. An empty lot could be used for housing, a parking lot, which always seems to be in short supply, or  a soccer field or basketball court, or with some help, enabling the community to see new possibilities such as an "Art" farm. The willingness to volunteer and be part of the process is the real contribution.


DP+ Principal Philip Loheed Receives Award

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