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Harumi 1-chome Waterfront

Tokyo, Japan

Mixed-use Master Plan for a waterfront site integrating residential, retail, and office spaces with an exhibition center, cultural facilities, public gardens, and pedestrian spaces.


Harumi 1-chome covers 23 acres on a harbor island linked by bridges to central Tokyo. BTA collaborated with the Tokyo firm of  Nikken Sekkei to create a unified Master Plan for a fully mixed-use community along a canal.  The clients want to project a dynamic new image of integrated development for the 21st century.


BTA’s challenge was to design the ground plan and low rise buildings that offset the towers designed by Nikken Sekkei, yet integrate the towers horizontally. BTA was responsible for a hotel,   restaurants, a building center,  apartment  blocks, a nightclub, a concert hall, some neighborhood shops, and an outdoor market, forming a unified community in a traditional village spirit. Public plazas, gathering  places, and canal side promenades are essential to dynamic activity.




Nikken Sekkei Ltd. Tokyo, Japan




mixed-use/urban design

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