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mixed-use/urban design



Grand Central Partnership District

New York, New York

The purpose of this project was to improve the public environment, amenities, and services in the Grand Central Business District, containing over 40 million s.f. of office and retail space, as well as many miles of streets and sidewalks, by upgrading quality of materials, public conveniences, clarity of information, pedestrian space and human scale.


The District is an innovative public/private initiative led by the Grand Central Partnership; a coalition of leading midtown corporations, businesses, and property owners who chose a policy of ‘self-help through self-taxation’. The intent of this policy was to fund both the planning and three-year implementation of this large scale urban rehabilitation.


The signage, graphics, lighting, and street furnishings are being adopted in upgrades throughout Mid-Town Manhattan, a clear recognition of this successful design effort.



An all-encompassing rehabilitation of the area’s streetscapes, including paving, lighting, graphics, signage, street furnishing, trees, and plantings of a 52-block business zone (Business Improvement District) in New York’s east-midtown area  surrounding Grand Central Terminal.



The Grand Central Partnership, a consortium of retailers, property owners, and business interests.



1989, Master Plan

mixed-use/urban design

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