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October 12, 2016


Principal Phil Loheed and Senior Associate Hyacinth John of DP+ were selected, among 30 Boston area architects and designers, by the BSA Foundation, to produce renderings that reflect the vision of communities along the Fairmount Corridor.


Design Partnership Plus Selected for Fairmount Corridor Visioning

Michael Chavez speaks to group providing details about the visioning effort, responding to questions during a Q&A session in Upham's Corner at Nonquit Street Green

The selected designers were assembled into five teams, with each team being assigned to a station area along the 9.2 mile Fairmount Indigo commuter rail line, which runs from South Station to Readville, moving through Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan and Hyde Park. The five stations are Upham's Corner, Blue Hill Avenue/Cummins Hwy, Four Corners/Geneva Avenue, Codman Square/Talbot & New England Avenue, and Hyde Park/Fairmount.  Each station area covers a half-mile radius surrounding it.


This effort is a development of neighborhood planning documents, in addition to a planning study by the (BPDA) Boston Planning Development Agency - formerly Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA).


The Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative began as a three-year community-based study (its largest to date) by the BPDA beginning in 2012. Focus was placed on long and short term approaches for improving capital investment, improvements to the public realm and job creation with the Corridor.

Boston Architectural College landscape architecture student, LaRay Brison shares her perspective as a resident of the community.

Gretchen Schneider Rabinkin AIA, Director of Civic Initiatives, Boston Society of Architects & BSA Foundation, meets with visioning group for site visit and Q&A session.

There is a need for the existing planning study and other documents to be translated into visuals that will serve to encourage and stimulate conversations with the community leaders and residents that will be impacted by future Corridor development. The scope/focus of this effort is to visually reflect each community's vision.


The entire visioning group will be responsible for collectively creating 15 - 25 vision renderings that help illustrate and uncover the potential in the Fairmount Corridor. Work begin earlier this month, with a kick-off conference call, followed by a meeting at the Uphams Corner site.


Design Partnership Plus has been assigned to the Four Corners / Geneva station area.  The team has already begun working on their approach and ideas for visually reflecting this community's Vision Statement and Goals which fall into six categories: Prosperity, Home, Place, Getting Around Parks & Public Space and Quality of Life.


Phil and Hyacinth met with the other teams at the Nonquit Street Green in Upham's Corner, Dorchester during a Q&A session led by Michael Chavez and Gretchen Schneider.  An interim pin up/feedback session will take place later this month before the final renderings are produced.

Philip Loheed shares some insight on the community based on his long-term relationships working in the Roxubry and Dorchester neighborhoods.

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