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DP+ CULTURE What makes our studio a great place to work?

DP+ culture is centered around an integrated
co-design process,
socially and environmentally responsible design, creative people and
innovative ideas...


Our team is a valued asset and we provide a physically and socially supportive studio environment through an open floor plan, encouraging informal interaction and collaboration, in both small and larger groups.
We are constantly seeking exceptionally creative people who share our vision and core values and will help develop our ideas. We operate by an open process with all participants—staff, clients, consultants, and other project team members—
to address the design challenge of each project.


By supporting the growth of each team member, we also grow as a firm.


Through design—and visual leadership—our practice is dedicated to addressing the needs and issues of today's communities and the people who live in them.  We encourage our team to be conscious of today's physical, social and environmental limits and how we engage with them through design.

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